The Problem with Food Today

The problem with food is that it is available almost everywhere we go, has no restrictions on its
consumption, is easy to misuse, and can lead to the creation bad habits.

No longer do we pay much attention to how often, how much and what we eat. For many, eating is on
auto pilot. No forethought or planning, just doing. That’s may be fine if you have the metabolism of a

But the rest of us start to gain weight but pay little attention to how fast or how much. Before we know
it clothes fit tighter, activity that used to be easy is a struggle and our health has started its slow decline.

Self-awareness is the key to reversing that cycle.

If you do nothing more today as it relates to your eating, strive to pay attention and raise your self-

For just 24 hours take note of the frequency, quality and quantity of what you eat and decide if that’s
best for you.

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