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Lose Your Excess Weight One Final Time

The W8 Management Solution is Designed to Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off for a Lifetime.

  • No magic pills or potions, restrictive diets or excessive exercise programs.
  • No expensive pre-packaged meal plans, hypnosis or dangerous surgeries.
  • No requirement to suddenly have super-human levels of determination and willpower.

The start of the process to becoming increasingly fit, healthier and more active only requires that you are able to affirmatively answer the following 3 questions:

  • Is your reason for wanting to lose weight important and significant to you and your emotional and/or physical well-being?
    Your WHY is Important

    If your WHY is to impress people you haven’t seen for 30 years at an upcoming class reunion or to fit in your favorite clothes at next month’s wedding it’s likely you can lose some weight but unlikely you will be able to keep it off for very long. If instead it’s because you want to avoid a poor diagnosis or are responding to the diagnosis just received, because of your desire to actively engage in more activities with the significant people in your life, to rebuild the self-esteem your weight has robbed you of, or to become the person that you know you can be - The W8 Management Solution will work for you.

  • Is now the right time to start becoming the best version of yourself?
    There is NEVER a Good Time – Act Anyway

    There is NEVER a good time to change your habits and learn how to achieve and sustain weight loss goals. There is ALWAYS a reason to put this off to another day. It may seem reasonable to wait for the New Year to make that resolution (again), or to wait until after the graduation party or even to finish the 5 gallon tub of ice cream in your freezer – but here is NEVER A BETTER TIME THAN NOW to do something that is important to you an your well-being.

  • Will you stay committed to accomplishing what you set out to do?
    It’s Only Difficult When You Don’t Know How, Stick with It Until You Do

    Let’s Be Real – losing weight and keeping it gone is hard, very hard. Especially if you have tried and failed several times, have carried excess weight for a long period of time, or have lost weight only to gain all of it back – and then some. But this much is certain, you have within you the capability to succeed at this even if your past experience, what people tell you, or what you think and say about yourself causes you to doubt. We can help you learn how to do this until it soon becomes second nature to you.

    We’ll help you build the determination you’ll need when you have set-backs, when things take longer than you may have expected, and when you become discouraged. You just need to keep working and progressing at a pace that is sustainable for you.